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Daughter Dear,

Into the woods you will have to go some day
It will be fearful and scary and cruel to the core
It will be miles of darkness and bizzare…but deep down in my heart I believe in you as you walk past that door

You may lose your path
But you have to learn to listen to the have to react to your gut
Coz there will always be wolves and magical spells being cast
The chances may be unusual
The choices may be uncanny
But everything you learn in these woods
Will help you when you return there every single day

There’s more to learn of what you already know
To think, to mind, to heed, to find
To teach and to preach
You will see a glimmer as the lights get dimmer
You can see the flame of magic inside your soul

The magic is in you my dear little girl
Just sprinkle a little fairy dust everywhere you go
Learn to battle… learn to cope…even though you may falter
Weave your fairy tale DEAR DAUGHTER



Admist the uncertainties and the dilemas wait for the possibilities to surface

When strewn between implausible choices wait for the one your heart says is right

The twists and turns in the maze of life can be quite endearing…. wait for the lull to pass

Disappointments and betrayals are inevitable…my bet you wont regret it …wait for the lessons learnt..

Be patient enough to watch your dreams turn into reality and how hope crushes your demons…watch the unrelated moments you go through build a beautiful story coz right things will happen at the right time…

Delayed apologies

I dont want to wait a moment longer
I dont want to be late
I dont want to falter
I just wanna say I am sorry

Swallow my pride
Negotiate with my ego
No more unbelievable excuses
No more false facades

Dont want to bid goodbye
With pain buried in my heart
Dont want to live with the guilt
What if… I had tried…

Not gonna patronize non apologies
No faux promises or comments
No agonising over the past mistake
No delayed responses

Wanna walk in solace and peace in my heart
Wanna sleep in placid calmness
Battling the thoughts that kept me in doldrums
I am really sorry for things said and done
If i never wake up from this bliss just want you to know
I am sorry also for things I was reluctant to say and do to make things better


You wonder HOW…

As you watch her touch the stars
She hides her pain behind the scars
while she basks in the glory
Of her brand new story

She has seen seasons
She had her own reasons
But she is proud of her garden of thorns
Coz it’s now just beautiful orchids she adorns

From the deep abyss
To the colourful rainbow
Her will… resilient like the clouds
Her grit hard bitten like her shadow

She has shuddered in pain inside out
She wanted to give up and turn about
But a deep desire burnt brightly in her
She held her head high and wiped her tears

She smiled…
She rose…
She fought for what belonged to her
She was a PHOENIX rising from her fears

When I let go

Whoooooosh and all I thought that would stay with me forever was wiped away leaving behind marred memories in the sands of time..

But I held on tight and thought if I still hang in there for some more time things will eventually settle for good..I thought being strong is the only choice I have but guess what.. it took more strength to let go of what cruelly shook me awake ..I was not ready to see what would happen if I let go but then I saw there was nothing to hold on to…like some things which belong only to the past I burnt the bridges that led me to the fools paradise and as much as it hurt to accept it, it was the best for my inner peace.. that was the day I realised I am worth so much more than what I am settling for..the past does not hold me captive anymore as there is an abundance in the universe awaiting my acceptance of a beautiful life ahead


“You are awesome the way you are!!!”

“You did a fab job today”

“You put in lots of efforts to do this”

“It’s ok…you did your best”

APPRECIATION does wonders..I would love to hear this and so would you.. isn’t it amazing that people acknowledge what you are doing and take a moment to make you feel appreciated..

I too fail many a times to appreciate things around me but yes I have started doing it n it’s working like magic..

I tried doing it with my children first..I made it a point to celebrate the small victories of my children either by taking them to their favourite eat out or buy some gifts just to make them feel special and that yessssss they have achieved something awesome…that joy on their face..take my word..its totally worth it..

My hubby is surely reading this n it’s a big shout out to you dear .. I know what you are doing for us is highly commendable and I love the way you are doing your best for us…maybe I might not tell you often but deep down in my heart its just gratitude and respect filled for you…

I really appreciate my loved ones for taking time out for me when I am feeling low or need to listen to those kind words to make me smile..

Family, friends, well wishers… they are all around you.. living a life filled with uncertainty, stress, anxieties, disappointments, depression, illhealth, broken relations..fighting their demons bravely..they are hungry for love, to want to be seen, to be acknowledged and to be appreciated…TRY THIS TODAY… send a kind word and just see how it affects them.. take that moment to make them feel good..Life is giving us so many opportunities to upgrade into a higher version of ourselves.

And don’t forget to love yourself deserve to do this coz you are changing are evolving..

Nourish yourself with abundant self love

Nurture yourself with the goodness of life

Treat yourself rightfully so you see the best in everything..

You are alive dear…take this moment which is filled with magic and make it yours forever…Make this life worth living every day…be the reason someone feels loved today

Unapologetically myself

No matter what I have been through, I am still here.

I have made mistakes..I have had my struggles.. I have many things I regret doing..

But my mistakes don’t define me, they refine me..the challenges, the hurt, the denials, the defeats have strengthened me..

I am where I am supposed to be with the power to shape my day and my future.

Living the truth coz lies turn into ash..

Embracing my blessings and making today worth remembering coz the past can not be undone..

Walking with my head held high towards my dreams coz now there’s no turning back..

Friends, it’s not as simple as I put it down but definitely worth a try so….

Break free



Move on


Cherish life

I am unapologetically myself..very comfortable in my perfect imperfection.. I am living the best version of myself right now and I am loving it

That smile melts my heart

Does the song below ring a bell??

“Smile an everlasting smile a smile could bring you near to me 
Don’t ever let me find you’re gone cause that would bring a tear to me” 

I had fallen in love with this song by Boyzone majorly because of the huge crush on Ronan keating…and now when I hear this it’s because of the hidden emotions behind the WORDS…

It is said that a smile is the shortest distance between two people but sometimes the smile fails to bring distant people hurts even harder when you know that no bridges would be ever crossed over again to cover the miles..the void created due to misunderstandings and misinterpretations is so prominent that love has to step back..that warm smile that once used to brighten your day may have effaced..the reason behind your smiles may have hurts coz it matters but why should it does stop you from smiling coz it doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again. Smile by faith when things aren’t going your even more to reduce your minds tearing to crush your fears and hide your pain…smile on perils past coz now you have coz it might be the reason someone smiles today…

Smile on dearies

I won some…I lost some…

Yes I failed today..

Why does this failure overwhelm me…why does it make me want to give up on something I believe in..why am I living so carefully to evade it..why is it hard to validate the mistakes made by me..why do I question my abilities..

So what should I be doing now

Firstly a brutal self confession…what has happened had to happen..see the reflection of your mistake n go to the next step

So now I know where I went wrong… I accept it..I give myself time to walk it off and clear it out my head

Set my focus again…learn from the setbacks..make the necessary adjustments and proceed towards success

I know it seems simple but trust me it’s not…its tough but so are you…

I have won some and I have lost some but if not for the failures I would never know my mettle. Its these little failures of mine that make me strive for excellence. Be proud of your failure too..they are the driving forces to unprecedented success

It kills me inside

Oh how it kills me inside when I have to put on a flawless facade masking my despair. Time and again it drags me to a point where I feel I can never return to being myself again. I act like I do not care at all. I might give the impression that this does not phase me at all. But every little thing brings back the memories that wash over my ailing heart and there I go again…

The deafening silences and the loud whispers

The sweet sorrows and the sad smiles

The conspicuous absence and the lonely togetherness is it so difficult to come to terms that some people are meant to be in your heart and not in your life..walking down the same path with shattered memories hurt me even today but those were the paths where the best memories were made..