I won some…I lost some…

Yes I failed today..

Why does this failure overwhelm me…why does it make me want to give up on something I believe in..why am I living so carefully to evade it..why is it hard to validate the mistakes made by me..why do I question my abilities..

So what should I be doing now

Firstly a brutal self confession…what has happened had to happen..see the reflection of your mistake n go to the next step

So now I know where I went wrong… I accept it..I give myself time to walk it off and clear it out my head

Set my focus again…learn from the setbacks..make the necessary adjustments and proceed towards success

I know it seems simple but trust me it’s not…its tough but so are you…

I have won some and I have lost some but if not for the failures I would never know my mettle. Its these little failures of mine that make me strive for excellence. Be proud of your failure too..they are the driving forces to unprecedented success

It kills me inside

Oh how it kills me inside when I have to put on a flawless facade masking my despair. Time and again it drags me to a point where I feel I can never return to being myself again. I act like I do not care at all. I might give the impression that this does not phase me at all. But every little thing brings back the memories that wash over my ailing heart and there I go again…

The deafening silences and the loud whispers

The sweet sorrows and the sad smiles

The conspicuous absence and the lonely togetherness

My..my..why is it so difficult to come to terms that some people are meant to be in your heart and not in your life..walking down the same path with shattered memories hurt me even today but those were the paths where the best memories were made..

Be a rainbow

Broken hearts often spread colors in the lives of others coz they have known grief personally but they also know that pain n saddness are not the final options in life…they just introduce us to a whole new world of possibilities..yes the storm hit you hard..but be patient enough to understand the need to endure it now coz the lessons you will learn now will be ever so valuable..

Your battles

Your struggles

Your dilemmas

Your insecurities

Your fears

Your tears

They are REAL…but don’t look back..just keep pushing forward…keep that faith and paint your heart with colors of love and gratitude coz when the sun will shine brightly on you look up at the blue skies.. hidden behind the pearly white clouds is a rainbow telling you to erase the darkness of the past and color your world with hues of happiness..

Once you start living in a rainbow hued world you can spread the colors in others life too and make them believe that dreams do come true

The boomerang

Oh yeah it happens ..I still get a tad angry..I still get upset over trivial things..I over react.. I get all melodramatic.. I cry my heart out.. but over the years I have slowly realised how this boomerang has left me injured.. there were situations I could have avoided..I could have been more patient in those moments than retaliate and regret those unnecessary hundred instances..but I had those thoughts churning inside my mind which needed to find a way out.. i had so much to say that I could not harness my words in my mouth closed up tight.. It was easier to show how angry I was rather than speak about what hurt me..kept feeding it with more fire n after sometime I just bottled them up too causing more pain and not opening avenues to happiness ..

Eventually it did dawn to me.. it’s not worth it.. all my anger was self induced ..it hurt me coz I allowed it..realised that when I have so much love to reciprocate to why waste it on anger..n then started the journey of self healing

Note to self

Ok I am angry

I am upset

I am overreacting …hold on buddy

Cut the melodrama

Cry if you want to ..let the tears flow through your soul and cleanse your heart and once done…relax..rise up…shine on coz anger should not be the boomerang that returns to us sooner or later

Cotton candies

Flying in the blue skies to a new destination..flying high over the lands and seas..flying in solace through the cotton candies.. I am as excited as a happy child trying to reach out to them..my heart filled with glee..they stroll around weaving tales of the passer bys..they know it all coz they watch from up above..they never miss a thing..they just smile and say to me.. when the weight gets too much to carry around..get rid of the excess baggage and drain the pain..embark a new flight..start afresh..coz you need to visit places your heart has always dreamed of..smile on dear..life is too beautiful to be dulled upon..look out for the rainbows hidden behind the dark bitter sweetyumms…

It’s time..

You have been hurt…

You are angry…those bombs exploding a million times in your mind

You are sore…

You just didn’t want to let go..but well it didn’t stay anyways

You are tired…

You sleep clutching your chest wondering what did you do for things to go so wrong

Well if you have made up your mind to live like this then my friend you are living in a fool’s paradise…if you don’t heal the hurt…its gonna bleed on people who genuinely want to take you out of your distress and anxiety…give life a chance coz it’s time to bloom in the warmth of friendship and love..you deserve the best

Healing is an art…it takes time..it takes love..it takes you n me

I guess it’s ok to cry

They say broken hearts bleed tears…you know how deep the wound is when the body knows the pain and the soul has surrendered…too tired to fight for what once felt like forever…I wonder why sometimes we put a brave front and conceal our tears in the darkest hours of grief…why do we need to pile them up and blur our vision..let the pearls flow out till your heart is clear and lighter…mark my words the world will seem gay and brighter ..look out for the signs which will brighten your day coz it’s not just thorns that are strewn your way…look out for that comforting smile coz there still is someone who wishes you were your pretty self…a hug is never too far away…